Walk-in-the-park pine cone wreath

This is a (nearly) free DIY fall craft that will look SO cute and edgy on your front door.

Pennie and I went on a “walk in the park” and found a tree that had dropped a few of its pine cones. Not the actually coned-shaped pine cones but the bigger and opened ones that remind us of the holidays.

I got them home and laid them out to spray their tips with a little bit of Rustoleum Metallic gold spray from Home Depot, which I already had and use for many DIY projects because gold is fabulous.

I didn’t want to spray them solid gold because I liked the idea of having the natural pine cone color showing but you could paint them solid gold, or any other color for that matter.

While those dried, I tracked down a wire hanger from my closet that I had gotten from the dry cleaner and began to shape it into a heart. I was inspired by wreath I saw for sale on Etsy of a heart-shaped pine cone wreath so I stuck with that. However, you could get creative with any other shape (warning: it took a bit of time to wrestle with the hanger until it became more flexible). I bent the hanger’s hook off with some pliers rather than trying even harder to unwind it.

Once the gold paint had dried, I laid the pine cones out into a heart-shape on the counter to get an idea of how I should place them in regards to their individual sizes.

I had a ton of hot glue that I had bought for a previous craft and thought it would be a good adhesive for attaching the pine cones to the hanger. Starting from the center of the heart, I placed the smallest cone there and literally globbed the hot glue on to the bottom of the cone and around the area it would sit on the wire so that it would be locked in place once the glue dried.

To ensure that the pine cone wouldn’t wander while drying, I just held it still and blew air on it a little until it dried, working on one pine cone at a time until it was in the shape of a heart!

The wreath isn’t totally finished yet. We need to figure out how to attach it to the door (that is, if you plan on using it as the front door wreath). I had some spare black rickrack that I picked up months ago at the local thrift store one day, knowing I would find a use for it! I really wanted our condo unit letter on the front door to be in the middle of the wreath so I had to measure out the rickrack to make sure it looked centered. Then I hung it up using one of those sticky plastic hooks you can get at the store, which I placed upside down on the inside of the front door.


And now you’re done! If you’re always up to a craft here and there like I am, you’re bound to have some or even all of the materials needed or you could improvise by using the things you have at home already. A little time consuming, but totally worth it and, like I said, NEARLY FREE and you’ll be welcoming the Fall season with this super cute DIY pine cone wreath!!



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