Holiday canvas

It’s been a while since my first post but I’m back to share a Christmas-inspired craft! For our most recent Seahawk Sunday, my friend and I wanted to do a holiday craft together. She happened to have two square canvases to spare so we decided to paint canvases with cute little Christmas-phrases.

First, we ran down to Michael’s craft store to buy plastic tracing stencils in various sizes, and also these cute, little Christmas tree decorations because they were on sale.  🙂 Once we got home, we got out the acrylic paints and started to look online at catchy Christmas phrases and lyrics. I picked “Have a holly jolly Christmas” and started by painting the background of my canvas with a deep red color, making sure to paint the sides as well. While it dried, I thought about how I would arrange the words and letters on the canvas.


I liked the idea of having different sized words so I wanted the most important words to be in the biggest font! Starting from the top of the canvas, I applied the letters and painting over them LIGHTLY — I can’t stress that enough, the paint will glob underneath the stencil if you use too much paint and I learned that the hard way. If that happens, keep a paper towel nearby so you can quickly dip it in a little water and wipe away the fresh glob of paint and re-do the letter!

I decided to skip the word “jolly” but leave room for it (the same sized space as “HOLLY”) because I thought it would look even cuter with a cursive word mixed in. I waited for the rest of the letters to dry before free-handing “jolly” in paint with a fine paint brush, fixing it to look flawless as I went along. I even added in a little snowflake since I had some room to spare ❄️

It looked adorable like this, however I thought it would be even better and more flashy to add gold glitter to the edges of the canvas. In a paper grocery bag, I sprinkled a good amount of glitter in it then shook it so it went towards one side in the bottom.


Then I applied mod-podge to the side edges of the canvas then “dipped” the sides of the canvas in the glitter. It helps to “dip” it with the back of the canvas on the side of the bag to avoid glitter getting on the painting!

It also helped to allow time to dry in between doing each side.

And that’s it, I have an adorable festive canvas to set on my fireplace mantle now or hang on the wall throughout the Christmas holiday season!


And here is my friend’s canvas!




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