Souper Layered Bean-Lentil Soup Jar


I knew this year that I wanted to give a “jar gift” to friends and family for Christmas in addition to this delicious vanilla pear jam I had already made. I looked online, trying to find something cute and different than the classic brownies-in-a-jar mix. Then, I came across a recipe for a “Hearty Bean Soup Mix” in a jar on  by The Comfort of Cooking. I tweaked the recipe a bit to my liking such as using vegetable broth powder instead of the beef bouillon flavor (I have some friends who are vegetarian, and I am giving it a try right now, too) and I also substituted in black beans for red kidney beans, brown rice for the white rice, some orange lentils for half the regular lentils to add a pop of color to the jar and used some leftover bow tie pasta from my pantry with the tri-colored noodles. I also decided to leave out the bay leaf and Italian seasoning. I also decided I’d give the option of vegetables in place of choice of meat when I wrote the cooking instructions; I wanted it to be versatile and flexible for different people’s tastes. I HIGHLY recommend going to the bulk section of the grocery store to get most of these ingredients, Fred Meyer and QFC and and natural market will have these things and it is MUCH cheaper and organic options are almost always there!

So, many of my jars were different sizes, some 12oz, 13oz, 16oz, 20oz, etc. This is because I have some great friends who helped me accumulate all my jars before christmas and basically throughout the year because I’m always up to something 🙂 thanks guys! The jar that they used for the recipe is 24oz, so I had to do some somewhat-simple math for the different sized jars.

I’ll admit, I was so concentrated on making sure I was using accurate portions and getting them all done that I forgot to snap a photo of the ingredients and jars beforehand! Here is what was left…


I started with split peas on the bottom, then barley, orange lentils, regular lentils, black beans, brown rice, onion flakes, broth powder/bouillon powder, kosher salt then the noodles on top.


I couldn’t even stand how cute the jars looked! Especially since I decided to top them with a little stamp-label and cooking instructions-tag on some basic brown paper. I remembered the last time I was at one of the thrift stores I frequent, they had a huge bin of assorted rubber stamps, so I ran there and was able to find some cute holiday stamps I could use for these jars. I bought the little brown tags in the knickknack section at Michael’s craft store, and I had already bought basic brown shipping paper for my Christmas gift wrapping.


I cut out squares of the brown wrapping paper to put over the lid of the jar and tie on with some cute string and then top it off with one of the rubber stamps and tied the instructions tag to it also.



And there you have it! The cutest DIY jar gift I’ve ever made, and everyone seemed like they were excited when I gifted them, and of course thought they looked FAB

Until next time!


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