DIY greeting card

My birthday was recent and I was fortunate to receive gifts from family and friends. There was one gift that I wanted to thank the person for with a handmade, simple thank you card. I can’t even say enough how easy this was to make and how cute they are.


I always keep basic brown card-stock paper in my crafting supplies because it has a lot of uses. In this case, I folded and cut it into the shape of a greeting card (I made mine more on the square side rather than rectangular). I had bought this cool mandala-shaped rubber stamp in the dollar section at Michael’s crafts and I LOVE it.


I already envisioned what I wanted the front to look like: scattered prints of what looks like a doily with no organized placement. I used a black ink pad for simplicity’s sake.


On the inside, you could write anything with the stamp letters or nothing at all and leave it up to you to hand-write something personal.


In this case, my boyfriend was helping me create it and recommended that I stamp out “thank you,” first in gold, then with black over it. He was so cute raving about how rustic and really nicely hand-made it looked. I’m glad he helped because it ended up looking great! We even added in a smiley face stamp underneath 🙂

Here is the finished product


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