DIY pupsicles 

Here at home in the Seattle area, it’s HOT right now (for us) and has been for a couple of weeks. In these conditions it is SUPER important to keep hydrated and cool. Not only does that go for us humans but also our sweet fur babies!


My Pennie loves when I give her a “PUP-sicle” (aka blended up and frozen dog-friendly ingredients for them to lick up and keep them cool during those hot summer days). These treats are so easy to make and anyone can come up with different flavors depending on what’s available in your fridge/pantry or just a quick trip to the store. Pennie isn’t too picky so I usually always have something at home to make a batch with.

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: There are some foods that dogs SHOULD NOT have so before mixing the batch of pupsicles up, make sure if you have any concern if your dog is able to eat what you are about to give him/her! Click this link for foods unsafe for your dog


I bought a low-sodium, organic chicken broth carton at the store and filled my ice molds half way with it.


Then I filled the molds to the top with water.


I could have just left it like this and froze them but I had half a banana in the fridge so I cut it into small slices to add one to each mold as a special little treat for Pennie when she gets to the middle of it. You could do this with anything though…. a blueberry, a few dog kibbles, chunk of peanut butter, etc.


I then placed the trays in the freezer and waited……….IMG_0687

Pennie approves 🙂

Share your recipes in the comments if you have any that your pup enjoys 🙂


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