DIY Painted Quarter-Log Bookends

WOW! I feel so lazy when I login to write a post and come to the realization that its been months since my last one… oops. But this great quote reflects my time away! 😀

Nothing is worth it if you aren’t happy!

So anyways, recently I moved into a condo with one of my girlfriends and had ALL these DVDs to put somewhere but I didn’t want to buy one of those generic-looking DVD stands. I saw (via Pinterest duh) a cute way to cut a tree log into quarters and use two of them as bookends! The color added to the wood made it even more inspiring to make my own and… SO CHEAP!

I had seen that on Pinterest but it wasn’t until I went to my cousin and her husband’s house on Easter and noticed the cut up logs in the backyard when we were watching the dogs play. I remembered I wanted to make these bookends but hadn’t really had the chance, since I’m not sawing down any trees and cutting it all up on the regular. I asked my dear cousin-in-law if he’d cut one of the logs into quarters and he happily obliged since my cousin also thought it was a super cute idea.

I forgot to take a picture of the log when I first got home but you can imagine what a quarter cut of a short log would look like, yeah?

I already had a gold acrylic paint but envisioned a gold edge with the rest painted with blue so I went to the craft store down the street to buy some acrylic paints.

  I started with the dark blue going around the edge to paint a sort of base coat for the metallic gold to go over it.

dark blue

Near the middle, I switched to a brighter turquoise color to paint the rest.

turquoise dark blue

Using just a little bit of water with the strokes to help blend where the two colors meet makes it looks better in my opinion.


Once that paint dried, I lightly brushed on the metallic gold acrylic paint over the outer edge over some of the dark blue paint. This made them POP! Adding just a bit of gold to anything helps it look new and fabulous!

adding gold

I liked this DIY craft so much that I will have to make them as gifts for people in the future, maybe Mother’s Day or Christmas? What a cool-looking and easy homemade accessory to add to your home or to give to someone for theirs.




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