DIY pupsicles 

Here at home in the Seattle area, it’s HOT right now (for us) and has been for a couple of weeks. In these conditions it is SUPER important to keep hydrated and cool. Not only does that go for us humans but also our sweet fur babies!


My Pennie loves when I give her a “PUP-sicle” (aka blended up and frozen dog-friendly ingredients for them to lick up and keep them cool during those hot summer days). These treats are so easy to make and anyone can come up with different flavors depending on what’s available in your fridge/pantry or just a quick trip to the store. Pennie isn’t too picky so I usually always have something at home to make a batch with.

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: There are some foods that dogs SHOULD NOT have so before mixing the batch of pupsicles up, make sure if you have any concern if your dog is able to eat what you are about to give him/her! Click this link for foods unsafe for your dog


I bought a low-sodium, organic chicken broth carton at the store and filled my ice molds half way with it.


Then I filled the molds to the top with water.


I could have just left it like this and froze them but I had half a banana in the fridge so I cut it into small slices to add one to each mold as a special little treat for Pennie when she gets to the middle of it. You could do this with anything though…. a blueberry, a few dog kibbles, chunk of peanut butter, etc.


I then placed the trays in the freezer and waited……….IMG_0687

Pennie approves 🙂

Share your recipes in the comments if you have any that your pup enjoys 🙂


DIY Painted Quarter-Log Bookends

WOW! I feel so lazy when I login to write a post and come to the realization that its been months since my last one… oops. But this great quote reflects my time away! 😀

Nothing is worth it if you aren’t happy!

So anyways, recently I moved into a condo with one of my girlfriends and had ALL these DVDs to put somewhere but I didn’t want to buy one of those generic-looking DVD stands. I saw (via Pinterest duh) a cute way to cut a tree log into quarters and use two of them as bookends! The color added to the wood made it even more inspiring to make my own and… SO CHEAP!

I had seen that on Pinterest but it wasn’t until I went to my cousin and her husband’s house on Easter and noticed the cut up logs in the backyard when we were watching the dogs play. I remembered I wanted to make these bookends but hadn’t really had the chance, since I’m not sawing down any trees and cutting it all up on the regular. I asked my dear cousin-in-law if he’d cut one of the logs into quarters and he happily obliged since my cousin also thought it was a super cute idea.

I forgot to take a picture of the log when I first got home but you can imagine what a quarter cut of a short log would look like, yeah?

I already had a gold acrylic paint but envisioned a gold edge with the rest painted with blue so I went to the craft store down the street to buy some acrylic paints.

  I started with the dark blue going around the edge to paint a sort of base coat for the metallic gold to go over it.

dark blue

Near the middle, I switched to a brighter turquoise color to paint the rest.

turquoise dark blue

Using just a little bit of water with the strokes to help blend where the two colors meet makes it looks better in my opinion.


Once that paint dried, I lightly brushed on the metallic gold acrylic paint over the outer edge over some of the dark blue paint. This made them POP! Adding just a bit of gold to anything helps it look new and fabulous!

adding gold

I liked this DIY craft so much that I will have to make them as gifts for people in the future, maybe Mother’s Day or Christmas? What a cool-looking and easy homemade accessory to add to your home or to give to someone for theirs.



DIY greeting card

My birthday was recent and I was fortunate to receive gifts from family and friends. There was one gift that I wanted to thank the person for with a handmade, simple thank you card. I can’t even say enough how easy this was to make and how cute they are.


I always keep basic brown card-stock paper in my crafting supplies because it has a lot of uses. In this case, I folded and cut it into the shape of a greeting card (I made mine more on the square side rather than rectangular). I had bought this cool mandala-shaped rubber stamp in the dollar section at Michael’s crafts and I LOVE it.


I already envisioned what I wanted the front to look like: scattered prints of what looks like a doily with no organized placement. I used a black ink pad for simplicity’s sake.


On the inside, you could write anything with the stamp letters or nothing at all and leave it up to you to hand-write something personal.


In this case, my boyfriend was helping me create it and recommended that I stamp out “thank you,” first in gold, then with black over it. He was so cute raving about how rustic and really nicely hand-made it looked. I’m glad he helped because it ended up looking great! We even added in a smiley face stamp underneath 🙂

Here is the finished product

Souper Layered Bean-Lentil Soup Jar


I knew this year that I wanted to give a “jar gift” to friends and family for Christmas in addition to this delicious vanilla pear jam I had already made. I looked online, trying to find something cute and different than the classic brownies-in-a-jar mix. Then, I came across a recipe for a “Hearty Bean Soup Mix” in a jar on  by The Comfort of Cooking. I tweaked the recipe a bit to my liking such as using vegetable broth powder instead of the beef bouillon flavor (I have some friends who are vegetarian, and I am giving it a try right now, too) and I also substituted in black beans for red kidney beans, brown rice for the white rice, some orange lentils for half the regular lentils to add a pop of color to the jar and used some leftover bow tie pasta from my pantry with the tri-colored noodles. I also decided to leave out the bay leaf and Italian seasoning. I also decided I’d give the option of vegetables in place of choice of meat when I wrote the cooking instructions; I wanted it to be versatile and flexible for different people’s tastes. I HIGHLY recommend going to the bulk section of the grocery store to get most of these ingredients, Fred Meyer and QFC and and natural market will have these things and it is MUCH cheaper and organic options are almost always there!

So, many of my jars were different sizes, some 12oz, 13oz, 16oz, 20oz, etc. This is because I have some great friends who helped me accumulate all my jars before christmas and basically throughout the year because I’m always up to something 🙂 thanks guys! The jar that they used for the recipe is 24oz, so I had to do some somewhat-simple math for the different sized jars.

I’ll admit, I was so concentrated on making sure I was using accurate portions and getting them all done that I forgot to snap a photo of the ingredients and jars beforehand! Here is what was left…


I started with split peas on the bottom, then barley, orange lentils, regular lentils, black beans, brown rice, onion flakes, broth powder/bouillon powder, kosher salt then the noodles on top.


I couldn’t even stand how cute the jars looked! Especially since I decided to top them with a little stamp-label and cooking instructions-tag on some basic brown paper. I remembered the last time I was at one of the thrift stores I frequent, they had a huge bin of assorted rubber stamps, so I ran there and was able to find some cute holiday stamps I could use for these jars. I bought the little brown tags in the knickknack section at Michael’s craft store, and I had already bought basic brown shipping paper for my Christmas gift wrapping.


I cut out squares of the brown wrapping paper to put over the lid of the jar and tie on with some cute string and then top it off with one of the rubber stamps and tied the instructions tag to it also.



And there you have it! The cutest DIY jar gift I’ve ever made, and everyone seemed like they were excited when I gifted them, and of course thought they looked FAB

Until next time!

Holiday canvas

It’s been a while since my first post but I’m back to share a Christmas-inspired craft! For our most recent Seahawk Sunday, my friend and I wanted to do a holiday craft together. She happened to have two square canvases to spare so we decided to paint canvases with cute little Christmas-phrases.

First, we ran down to Michael’s craft store to buy plastic tracing stencils in various sizes, and also these cute, little Christmas tree decorations because they were on sale.  🙂 Once we got home, we got out the acrylic paints and started to look online at catchy Christmas phrases and lyrics. I picked “Have a holly jolly Christmas” and started by painting the background of my canvas with a deep red color, making sure to paint the sides as well. While it dried, I thought about how I would arrange the words and letters on the canvas.


I liked the idea of having different sized words so I wanted the most important words to be in the biggest font! Starting from the top of the canvas, I applied the letters and painting over them LIGHTLY — I can’t stress that enough, the paint will glob underneath the stencil if you use too much paint and I learned that the hard way. If that happens, keep a paper towel nearby so you can quickly dip it in a little water and wipe away the fresh glob of paint and re-do the letter!

I decided to skip the word “jolly” but leave room for it (the same sized space as “HOLLY”) because I thought it would look even cuter with a cursive word mixed in. I waited for the rest of the letters to dry before free-handing “jolly” in paint with a fine paint brush, fixing it to look flawless as I went along. I even added in a little snowflake since I had some room to spare ❄️

It looked adorable like this, however I thought it would be even better and more flashy to add gold glitter to the edges of the canvas. In a paper grocery bag, I sprinkled a good amount of glitter in it then shook it so it went towards one side in the bottom.


Then I applied mod-podge to the side edges of the canvas then “dipped” the sides of the canvas in the glitter. It helps to “dip” it with the back of the canvas on the side of the bag to avoid glitter getting on the painting!

It also helped to allow time to dry in between doing each side.

And that’s it, I have an adorable festive canvas to set on my fireplace mantle now or hang on the wall throughout the Christmas holiday season!


And here is my friend’s canvas!



Walk-in-the-park pine cone wreath

This is a (nearly) free DIY fall craft that will look SO cute and edgy on your front door.

Pennie and I went on a “walk in the park” and found a tree that had dropped a few of its pine cones. Not the actually coned-shaped pine cones but the bigger and opened ones that remind us of the holidays.

I got them home and laid them out to spray their tips with a little bit of Rustoleum Metallic gold spray from Home Depot, which I already had and use for many DIY projects because gold is fabulous.

I didn’t want to spray them solid gold because I liked the idea of having the natural pine cone color showing but you could paint them solid gold, or any other color for that matter.

While those dried, I tracked down a wire hanger from my closet that I had gotten from the dry cleaner and began to shape it into a heart. I was inspired by wreath I saw for sale on Etsy of a heart-shaped pine cone wreath so I stuck with that. However, you could get creative with any other shape (warning: it took a bit of time to wrestle with the hanger until it became more flexible). I bent the hanger’s hook off with some pliers rather than trying even harder to unwind it.

Once the gold paint had dried, I laid the pine cones out into a heart-shape on the counter to get an idea of how I should place them in regards to their individual sizes.

I had a ton of hot glue that I had bought for a previous craft and thought it would be a good adhesive for attaching the pine cones to the hanger. Starting from the center of the heart, I placed the smallest cone there and literally globbed the hot glue on to the bottom of the cone and around the area it would sit on the wire so that it would be locked in place once the glue dried.

To ensure that the pine cone wouldn’t wander while drying, I just held it still and blew air on it a little until it dried, working on one pine cone at a time until it was in the shape of a heart!

The wreath isn’t totally finished yet. We need to figure out how to attach it to the door (that is, if you plan on using it as the front door wreath). I had some spare black rickrack that I picked up months ago at the local thrift store one day, knowing I would find a use for it! I really wanted our condo unit letter on the front door to be in the middle of the wreath so I had to measure out the rickrack to make sure it looked centered. Then I hung it up using one of those sticky plastic hooks you can get at the store, which I placed upside down on the inside of the front door.


And now you’re done! If you’re always up to a craft here and there like I am, you’re bound to have some or even all of the materials needed or you could improvise by using the things you have at home already. A little time consuming, but totally worth it and, like I said, NEARLY FREE and you’ll be welcoming the Fall season with this super cute DIY pine cone wreath!!